Tumo provides solutions from power plant equipment
It is suitable for all kinds of distributed scenes, such as household electricity, large industry, small industrial and commercial roof, factory building, school, hospital, agriculture light, fishery light, etc.
The photovoltaic/wind water pump system is applicable to the irrigation of crops or forest, desert management, island water supply, urban landscape, etc. It can connect with multiple irrigation facilities to meet different needs, saving water and energy.
Hybrid Pump
The main components of the system include:
Photovoltaic panel/wind turbine: Energy conversion device, which converts solar energy or wind energy into electricity. Inverter (Only AC pump needs inverter): Commutator, rectifying or improving the power quality of the generator output to supply power to the pump. Controller: Controls the charging or discharging of the battery, preventing it from overcharging or over discharging; regulates the output of the battery and energy conversion device according to the demand of the pump.
Superiority of the Tumo-int’s system
[Low Noise Interference]

[Efficient Power Generation]

[Simple to Use]

[Easy to Manage Parameters]

[Safe and Reliable]

[Maintenance Free]

The high-quality aluminum alloy shell of wind turbine is light and low vibration. 

The wind turbine has the optimized design of aerodynamic contour and structure; 
 The controller and inverter are of high working efficiency, low power consumption, and effective protection to the battery; MPPT control system, adjusts output frequency in real-time to improve energy utilization. 

 Compact structure, easy to install and operate.

 Intelligent controlling system, which can view and adjust parameters through PC monitoring software. 

 Excellent anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof performance; 
 Resistant to high and low temperature, well perform in other harsh environments; 
Multiple protection measures ensure the safety of users and devices and extend product service lives; 
Can operate effectively for 15 years without any maintenance if it is correctly applied. 

 The system can efficiently operate for 15 years without any maintenance if it is correctly applied.

Use new energy
Protecting the Environmentby 
 — reducing carbon emissions
 Economic and Effective
 — through continuously electricity generation
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