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Low Frequency versus High Frequency Inverter

This low frequency inverter charger use high speed power transistors to invert the DC to AC, but drive transistors at the same frequency (60Hz or 50Hz) as the AC sine wave output. High frequency power inverters typically drive the transistors at a high frequency closer to 50KHz or higher.

When delivering the same amount of power, for example, the 6KW low frequency inverter transformer outputs more power at each cycle, so it is required to work harder, resulting in larger and heavier transformer and package. In contrary, a 6Kw high frequency inverter

delivers less power at each cycle, allowing for a smaller and lighter transformer and package. In general low frequency inverters are far superior for starting difficult loads. ie. motors. Hence, low frequency inverters are more suitable for household such as refrigerator or air condition.

Pros of Low Frequency Inverter

Stronger over load capacity
Stronger to input surge
Stronger output impact resistance
Stronger short-circuit ability
Better voltage between zero and ground line
Less output level components
Bigger power devices capacity
Lower device damage when faults
More reliability and simple maintainability

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